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While, in the past, cufflinks used to be worn for ceremonies or with mourning dresses and tuxedos, now they are worn daily because they beautifully enhance the shirt. They have become an informal part of everyday dress. There is a varied range to choose, from those made with precious metals, varnished steel or colourful stones to suit everyone’s taste and personal style. Customized cufflinks in 925 sterling silver, made by high-level craftsmen using a wax mould and finished off by hand, are also available. Your personal monograms can then be added to these.


Monograms, embroidery and pocket square

By embroidering your monograms, your shirt will become unique. You can choose between handmade and machine-sewn embroidery.


Boxer shorts and pyjamas

We produce boxer shorts using the same fabrics as our shirts. Monograms can also be embroidered or sewn onto them. Our pyjamas are unique and exclusive items of clothing to have and they are available in the same fabrics as the shirts: cotton or linen.

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