Our buttons are also a very important and essential part of our shirts. Their purpose is to keep the shirt closed but they are always clearly visible. This is why a high-quality button greatly enhances the shirt. In any case, the classical button remains a delicate element, made up of a 2, 3 or 4-hole round centre in mother of pearl or of the latest one-hole centre.

To choose and buy buttons, we trust the great expert Mr. Stefano Cannara, who has known the history and tradition of buttons for a very long time.


4, 5 or 6.5 millimetre Australian mother of pearl button. Model: external rounded cuvette


2.8 millimetre trocas mother of pearl button. Model: cup
(used on all our shirts)/h4>


3.3 millimetre Australian mother of pearl button. Front one-hole patented model


Mother of pearl button.
Trocas, model: Fiat 500, made as a button or cufflink

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